Saturday, June 20, 2009

look at me standing...

here she goes...finally! I thought it wasnt going to happen :-)
Kara has been early with her milestones but hasnt really come up with anything new in the past 1.5 months...if you are used to constant new tricks you start to wonder I guess :-)
Crappy pictures but I just rushed to get my camera and wasnt too worried about my settings...

"AHHHHHH what am I doing???"
"Getting a hang of this..."
"ha! mastered this standing up thing!!!"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

vote for Kara

I would appreicate anyones vote for Kara's picture here!

And since I havent posted in a while... here she is...taking a nap with her love...>Elmo!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Columbus Regional & Pediatrics After Hours

Boy... I don't really think I was ever any more pissed in my life then this... how I managed to not kill that moronic, sorry excuse of a human who obviously has NO compassion for not only babies but any human being I am not sure! Lord knows I want to go back yet again to track her down just so I can have a few words...

Kara has been quiet sick with high fevers and she was rather lethargic... off to Pediatrics After Hours we went (Pediatrics After Hours is at Columbus Regional Hospital and is basically an ER for Children just not 24/7) ... It must have been our lucky day as our very own pediatrician was on call... We both fully expected an ear infection but to our surprise - ears were all clear! Since her fever had been so high the night before he wanted to get a blood draw... (I trust him completely - he is an amazing civilian pediatrician who really only prescribes medicine when need be and urges to find the cause and not just treat symptoms!)

I know a lot of people think I judge to quick on first impressions and such but once again I was proven right by my impressions... now last time I checked, and mind you I don't have a medical degree, it is NOT common practice to just stick the needle in someones arm and start poking around to see if one can "hit" a vein... unfortunately I wasn't able to say anything as I was to busy holding down my screaming baby (the other worthless wannabe health care professional just stood there). She must have realized that she wasn't going to get any blood out and pulled the needle out... much to my surprise and shock she had left multiple FINGERNAIL imprints in Kara's arm!!!!!!! Excuse me? All I could yell was "Take your f*** fingers off my child right now!" I then kicked her out of the room!

Long story short...I met with the Manager of the Lab (whom she fell under) and her Supervisor as well as some Quality Manager - satisfactory steps have been taken and she wont be doing this to anybody again anytime soon! At least not at this hospital! I hope she will never get a job again in anything health care related!

Thankfully I was "smart" enough to snap some pictures and had validating proof - although all the nurses gave me their names as they were appalled by what happened (how did we ever live without cameras on our phones???) 

This one was taken over an hour later with imprints still pretty visible!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kara's first time at Monkey Joe's

My friend Jan and I took our kids to Monkey Joe's today! They have a separate area for babies which was enjoyable for my little pumpkin. She had a blast and after taking a few minutes to get used to her new surroundings she was all for it! I wonder if I can purchase this giant thing as I could just put her in it during the day to get things done! She would be happy (unlike in her *cage*) and I wouldn't have to worry about her! She kept falling down and just bounced right back up! Quiet funny and entertaining actually!

On the crocodile... the crocodile!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kara loves the pool

We were spending the day at Mrs. T. pool yesterday... Kara had so much fun and the water was just a perfect temperature! I expected this to be a 45 minute "adventure" but due to the perfect conditions we actually were there for a good three hours! Talk about making it worth it!!!!! You would not believe how long it takes to get ready and the amounts of "stuff" that is to bring! Between the flotation device, sunscreen, various bathing suits, towels and what not I looked as loaded as I would want to spend the night out there! I dont call her my little logistical nightmare for nothing - although, beeing there for so long made it worth it though!
"Oh yeah mom! Water!!!!" can you see how excited she is?

"Oh wow...splashing, not so sure about that!"

All "swom" out!

So happy to be back in the water after her 20 minute power nap!
paddle paddle paddle!

Thank you so much Mrs. T. for having us! We are looking forward to doing it again tomorow and at that rate I might actually get a tan this summer :-) Cant wait for Miss E. to join us soon!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Phenix City Tornado 04/19/2009

This is less then a mile away from my house.... actually if you look at the first pictures the trees and stuff to the left...I live right behind the trees...I dont even have any words for how scary this all is....

This is HWY 280 going into Georgia onto Victory Drive! Street Light with a weird bend...

There is residental housing behind all this which I couldnt get into to take pictures as it was blocked off by police...I cant stop thinking about the tornado going into the other direction...then it would've been us...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"The Cage" and Kara's 1st Easter

We spend Good Friday with our friend C. and her son! I saw what I can only call a child trapping device under her crib (I believe they are called "play yards" although "baby jail" would be a much better description of the product) and before I knew it I was loading it in my car...Kara cant and will not sit still for longer then 2 seconds and although I enjoy the added activity of chasing her tiny bootie around the house...every once in a while I would like to enjoy to read more then one sentence at a time in a book or magazine...I have been eying the idea of getting one of those but so far just couldn't justify $70 on such a thing...

I tried it out after we got home and here you can see how it went... oh and as a side note...the dress she is wearing is a size why my 8 month old fits into this...I surely don't know...


"ok...well....I'll just chew on my toy..."
"HEY...MOM...I see you!!!"
"ok...hello? how do I get out?"
I assume she will get used the idea of being in there a few times a day and so far it has been ok as long as I change out her toys frequently...

Then today was Kara's 1st Easter! I had put her in the cutest Easter Pajama Saturday night but as I was nursing her to sleep she decided to throw up 2.5 larger tubs of Gerber Sweet Potatoes and Banana Vanilla Custard and the milk she had up until then...oh well...she gave me a heart melting smile and a cute (although entirely accidental) wave that I managed to capture so I guess that's worth more on the picture then non smiling 1st Easter Pajama's...

My parents had send money and the plush bunny... we bought her this adorable stroller as their gift (can I just say it one more time...THANK GOD I GOT A GIRL I mean how cute is that stroller???).

I must admit that we didn't even get a an Easter Basket...we did however get her a stationary push toy that she adores and she will get the all American " Easter Basket" next year.